This proposal aims to enhance public space within Chinatown districts around the world; linking information, events and people using interactive technology. Public space associated with the various Chinatowns would be interconnected using a common database. A virtual museum, gallery and visitor's centre is proposed to expose the public to different cultural and historical exhibits and information existing in different locations. The public nature of the facilities provided is intended to enhance social coherence and broaden cultural awareness within participating communities.
Multiple users would be able to logon to the database to search for information or communicate with others. The exploration of information and communication between individuals within the virtual space would be publicly displayed on screens within physical spaces in Chinatown locations. This is intended to integrate virtual and physical public space and promote intellectual stimulation and interaction within the public domain.
click to see keynote speech by Norman Jacknis (Director, CISCO IBSG Public Sector) with project reference at the ICF Intelligent Community Forum’s Annual meeting.